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Discount code for Bertrand's Paradox and the Principle of Indifference by Nicholas Shackel

Nicholas Shackel (Cardiff) has a new book out that might be of interest to readers, and there is a discount code available that Nick has asked me to pass on. Details below. Bertrand’s Paradox and the Principle of Indifference Nicholas Shackel This book casts a new light on Bertrand's Paradox, giving original analyses of the paradox, its possible solutions, the source of the paradox, the philosophical errors we make in attempting to solve it and what the paradox proves for the philosophy of probability. Bertrand's Paradox and the Principle of Indifference will appeal to scholars and advanced students working in the philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, philosophy of science, probability theory, and mathematical physics. “This is a very useful resource for graduate students and researchers interested in one of the most challenging puzzles in the theory of probability.” Hykel Hosni, University of Milan, Italy “This is essential reading for anyone seriously interested in Bertran

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