Thursday, 22 November 2012

Insolubles and Consequences - Essays in Honour of Stephen Read

Ole Hjortland and I have put together a collection of essays to celebrate Stephen Read's long and fruitful career, and his many decisive contributions to the philosophy of logic. It is published by College Publications, in the Tributes series: here is the publisher's site for the book. As the site does not contain a Table of Contents for the volume, I thought it would be useful to post it online, so here it is.

ANDREW ABERDEIN Interview with Stephen Read

E.P. BOS Nicholas of Amsterdam (†1437) on the Individual

SARAH BROADIE The Metaphysics of Plato’s Cosmic Paradigm

PETER CLARK Realism, Structural Realism and Instrumentalism

MICHAEL DE Can Logical Consequence Be Deflated?

CATARINA DUTILH NOVAES A Medieval Solution to the Puzzle of Empty Names

IVOR GRATTAN-GUINNESS Manifestations of Logical Pluralism in the Context of Hierarchies, 1900s–1930s

OLE THOMASSEN HJORTLAND Harmony and the Context of Deducibility

WILFRID HODGES Affirmative and Negative in Ibn Sına

PETER MILNE Inferring, Splicing, and the Stoic Analysis of Argument

GRAHAM PRIEST Read on Bradwardine on the Liar

WALTER B. PEDRIALI Solvitur Ambulando. Meaning-constitutive Principles and the Inscrutability of Inference

GREG RESTALL Bradwardine Hypersequents

PETER SCHROEDER-HEISTER Paradoxes and Structural Rules

STEWART SHAPIRO Revising Logic in Light of Paradox

PAUL THOM Necessity- and Possibility-syllogisms in Avicenna and Tusi

ELIA ZARDINI Truth Preservation in Context and in Its Place

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