Thursday, 16 January 2014

CfP: Imprecise Probabilities in Statistics and Philosophy (LMU, 27-28 June 2014)


LMU Munich, 27-28 June 2014

Imprecise probabilities offer a model of uncertainty that is more general, less idealised than the standard precise probability framework. Imprecise probabilities are receiving increasing attention in statistics (as well as in artificial intelligence and in economics). Recently, there has been a resurgence of philosophical interest in these generalised models of uncertainty. The aim of this workshop is to bring together philosophers and statisticians to see what we can learn from each other. We are sure that such interdisciplinary collaboration will be valuable both to philosophers and to statisticians. Topics on which we might expect fruitful discussions include:
  • updating imprecise probabilities and dilation;
  • foundations of imprecise probabilities;
  • procedures for eliciting imprecise probabilities;
  • decision making with imprecise probabilities.
We invite submissions of extended abstracts of 1500 words for contributed talks by 1st March 2013. Decisions will be made by 15th March 2014.
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Fabio Cozman (São Paulo), James M. Joyce (Michigan), and Teddy Seidenfeld (CMU)

ORGANIZERS: Thomas Augustin, Seamus Bradley, Marco Cattaneo, Stephan Hartmann, and Roland Poellinger

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