Thursday, 4 December 2014

Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students 2015

After a very successful event last year, the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy is hosting the second Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students.

The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) is organizing the second Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students, which will be held from July 26 to August 1, 2015 in Munich, Germany. The summer school is open to excellent female students who want to specialize in mathematical philosophy.
Since women are significantly underrepresented in philosophy generally and in formal philosophy in particular, this summer school is aimed at encouraging women to engage with mathematical methods and apply them to philosophical problems. The summer school will provide an infrastructure for developing expertise in some of the main formal approaches used in mathematical philosophy, including theories of individual and collective decision-making, agent-based modeling, and epistemic logic. Furthermore, it offers study in an informal setting, lively debate, and a chance to strengthen mathematical self-confidence and independence for female students. Finally, being located at the MCMP, the summer school will also provide a stimulating and interdisciplinary environment for meeting like-minded philosophers.

The program looks fantastic, with three main lecture streams, some introductory tutorials, and a number of exciting plenary lectures. Some of the highlights:

  • Lecture Stream 1: Attitudes in Epistemology: Belief vs. Credence (Julia Staffel, Washington University in St. Louis).
  • Lecture Stream 2: Simulations in Philosophy (Kevin Zollmann, Carnegie Mellon University).
  • Lecture Stream 3: Context-dependence and the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface (Isidora Stojanovic, Jean Nicod Insitute, Paris).

  • Welcome Lecture: What is Mathematical Philosophy? (Stephan Hartmann & Hannes Leitgeb, MCMP).
  • Evening lecture: Hidden Bias/Explicit Values: Gender and the Social Production of Knowledge (Carla Fehr, University of Waterloo).
Details on how to apply here.

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