Monday, 4 April 2011

Good points (and important speakers)

Good points is the title of a conference to be held next week in Milan (April 11-12) in honor of Paolo Casalegno, logician and philosopher of language passed away in 2009. Invited speakers include Diego Marconi, Paul Boghossian, Timothy Williamson, Alex Orenstein, Igor Douven, and Crispin Wright (see the detailed program below). Of note, it will be possible to see the conference in streaming.

From the Obituary of Paolo Casalegno (D. Marconi, Dialectica, 2009, 63: 115-116):
"Paolo Casalegno was the finest Italian analytic philosopher. However, this is not the main reason we’ll miss him. We won’t just miss the clarity of his mind and his outstanding philosophical intelligence; we will miss his cooperative attitude, his friendliness, his ability to listen to the philosophies of others with an open mind, and perhaps most of all his often hidden but entirely genuine philosophical passion."

Good points: Paolo Casalegno's criticism of some analytic philosophers

University of Milan, Palazzo Greppi (via Sant'Antonio 12), Sala Napoleonica.

11 April 2011

15:00-16:30 xxxxDiego Marconi (Turin)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Competence and normativity

17:00-19:00 xxxxPaul Boghossian (NYU)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Reasoning and meaning
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with a reply by Timothy Williamson (Oxford)

12 April 2011

9:30-11:00 xxxxxAlex Orenstein (CUNY)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Inscrutability scrutinized

11:30-13:00 xxxxIgor Douven (Groningen)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lotteries, assertion, and the pragmatics of belief

15:00-17:00 xxxxCrispin Wright (Aberdeen-NYU)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The problem of non-conclusiveness

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with a reply by Timothy Williamson (Oxford)

(From the conference website.)

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