Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Synthese boycott affair

Brian Leiter has just launched a boycott of Synthese motivated by the editioral policy of the journal concerning a special issue on Evolution and Its Rivals. The proposal deserves scrutiny, I think. Leiter argues his case extensively. Have a look. Then any comment is more than welcome, of course.


  1. Thanks, Jeffrey, we will see what happens, I guess!

  2. The official response by the editors (posted at New APPS) sidesteps the central complaints rather egregiously. I had felt that the boycott call was something of an over-reaction to the unfortunate disclaimer, but in the light of the reply, which I find hard not to read as staggeringly disingenuous, I am prompted to reconsider. Truly disappointing.

  3. Thanks for the pointer and the comment, JP. I will link the editors' response.