Sunday, 22 May 2011

European formal philosophers, you've been warned...

(Folk over at Choice and Inference are very amused.)

UPDATE: Leiter has added an update to his original post.

It has come to my attention that one self-identified "European formal philosopher," who shares the concerns about the editorial misconduct at Synthese, has taken offense at my attempt to introduce a note of levity into this affair. So I hereby make clear that, of course, not all formal philosophers in Europe are willing to excuse the editorial misconduct; the title was prompted primarily with one particularly obtuse defender of the EICs in mind (Reinhard Muskens, a frequent commenter at the New APPS blog). I apologize for the unfair implication!
It that's about me, neither did I take offense nor am I a 'self-identified "European formal philosopher"', but the clarification is much appreciated (less so for the use of the term 'obtuse' here).

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