Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Two important blogs

One more post with feminist activism, and then I promise to give you all a break for a while! (^_^)

It occurred to me now that, after my previous post on gender imbalance, it would be good also to advertise two important blogs run by Jender of the Feminist Philosophers: What is it like to be a woman in philosophy?, with all kinds of depressing stories sent by readers (and some 'good news' stories too!), but also What we're doing about what it's like, with submissions on what people have been doing so as to improve the situation of women in philosophy.

So in a sense they form a 'bad news'/'good news' pair, and unsurprisingly, the bad news one gets a lot more submissions and readership. But lots of people have been doing all kinds of interesting things, and 'What we're doing' is an important source of ideas for those looking for inspiration on how to get involved with improving things. It deserves just as much attention as its 'bad news' sibling.

Let me also notice that, while most of my activism is in the feminist direction, I certainly keep in mind that there are all kinds of other minorities in philosophy and elsewhere facing similar difficulties. In particular, I think it's much harder for people working outside the mainstream axis North-America/Western Europe to be taken seriously in the profession; there are also strong 'geographical biases' operating, and in the medium run I'm hoping to be able to do something about this too.

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