Friday, 7 October 2011

Ada Lovelace T-shirt

Unfortunately, I have not received any submissions for posts on inspiring female figures in the world of M-Phi. But somebody did send me the link to a cool Ada Lovelace t-shirt available at the ThinkGeek website (how fitting...).

Better than nothing, I figured :)


  1. Well, there's you!
    (ok, grovelling over - ed.)

  2. @Jeff :)
    But I really think Ruth Barcan-Marcus is a very inspiring figure. I wish I had had the time to write a post on her today. I had the opportunity of having lunch with her once, a memorable experience! Sun Joo-Shin and Tim Williamson were also there, but all I remember was Ruth BM's presence...

  3. I saw your post at The Other Place on Rosalind Franklin (your job being a Rosalind Franklin Fellowship). Do you know the biography by Brenda Maddox? If not, I recommend it highly!

    I would perhaps include Susan Haack, whose book, Philosophy of Logics (1978), was very important for me long ago. In fact, having studied it, I went to study for an MA at Warwick where Haack worked, but when I arrived in 1990, she left! She has a later book of essays (1998, I think), Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate, which I enjoyed.

  4. Thanks for drawing my attention to the Maddox biography (which I didn't know of), I added an update to my post at The Other Place. (Speaking of which, it does direct a lot of traffic towards M-Phi, if the stats are to be believed...)

    Yes, Susan Haack is definitely an inspiring figure in the field, I think it was Luciano Floridi who told me he also went to study at Warwick just to work with her (but I think he was 'on time', if I remember correctly). Maybe we could consider doing a series of posts on great female figures of the field or something like that.

  5. Yes, the traffic increased maybe a factor of 4 in the last couple of weeks. ("The Other Place" is a UK parliamentary phrase, used in the House of Commons and the House of Lords to refer to the other chamber.)

    I do know a bit about Noether and (J.) Robinson. But probably much less than to be of any use.