Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ten-part, Year-long Turing Exhibit in Paderborn

The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn is honoring the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing with a 10-part, year-long exhibition "Genial & Geheim — Alan Turing in 10 Etappen", 11 January – 16 December 2012. From the website:
The exhibition in the HNF focuses not only on Turing's achievements in the decryption of Enigma and his groundbreaking work as a computer pioneer, but also on his accomplishments in artificial intelligence and pattern formation in nature, as well as the tragedy of his death and his posthumous fame.
Here is the schedule:
  1. 11.1.-12.2.2012:  Enigma and the Battle for the Atlantic
  2. 15.2.-11.3.2012:  The Codebreaker of Bletchley Park
  3. 14.3.-8.4.2012:  The Turing-Test
  4.  11.4.-6.5.2012  From Turbochamp to Deep Blue
  5.  9.5.-8.7.2012:  The History of Intelligent Machines (feat. Robo Thespian)
  6.  28.7.-26.8.2012:  The Turing Machine
  7.  29.8.-23.9.2012:  Pattern Formation in Nature
  8.  26.9.-21.10.2012:  The ACE Computer
  9.  24.10.-18.11.2012:  Love Letters from the Automaton (Liebesbriefe vom Automaten) (Installation by David Link)
  10.  21.11.-16.12.2012:  Tragedy and Posthumous Fame (Turing Award)

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