Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Call for papers on the work on Leon Henkin

Call for papers to the volume:
Leon Henkin (Essays on His Contributions). María Manzano, Ildiko Sain and Enrique Alonso eds
Springer Basil is going to publish a volume of contributed papers devoted to the life and work of Leon Henkin. This volume will appear in the Studies in Universal Logic series. Algebraic logic, model theory, type theory, completeness theorems, philosophical and foundational studies are among the topics we would like to cover, as well as mathematical education. We plan to discuss Henkin's intellectual development, his relation to his predecessors and contemporaries, and his impact in recent development of mathematical logic. To our knowledge, no books of this kind have been published. This is a call for papers inviting all the interested people to send a contribution. The book is intended to include several invited contributions and articles that will be selected from the submitted material. We are going to elaborate a monographic study on:
i. Henkin’s scientific works. 
ii. The influence of his work throughout the development of contemporary Logic and Mathematics. 
iii. His personal interest in teaching and the didactics of formal sciences with special attention to underrepresented minorities; in particular, mathematically talented minority undergraduate students
The articles must comply with one of two modalities:
a. Research articles which must pertain to one of the three themes listed above.  
b. Biographic notes in the form of short stories that describe personal experiences related with the figure of Leon Henkin as a professor, lecturer, investigator or pedagogue. 
The deadline for submissions is September 30th 2013.

We feel that it is about time for a comprehensive book on the life and works of Leon Henkin to be written. It will include both foundational material and a logic perspective.

María Manzano, Ildiko Sain and Enrique Alonso

(For more information, please visit the website http://logicae.usal.es/henkin)

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