Friday, 18 March 2016

Five Years MCMP: Quo Vadis, Mathematical Philosophy?

The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy invites participation to the following event:

Five Years MCMP: Quo Vadis, Mathematical Philosophy?

MCMP, LMU Munich
June 2-4, 2016

On the one hand, the workshop will celebrate the five years of existence of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP). On the other hand, and much more importantly, the workshop will be devoted to the question of where we should be heading in the future: what next, mathematical philosophy?

The workshop will consist of:

— a brief look back at five years MCMP;
— 16 short talks by young mathematical philosophers;
— three evening lectures on the logical empiricist background to mathematical philosophy;
— three general discussion sessions;
— and an "Ideas Session" in which the participants will be asked to contribute new ideas for the application of logical and mathematical methods to philosophical problems and questions.

Registration deadline: May 1st 2016

Prof. Dr. Hannes Leitgeb
Prof. Dr. Stephan Hartmann


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